About Susan

Business Coach

Susan Epstein, LCSW, is a trained psychotherapist who transitioned to business coaching and mentoring. If you’ve been burned by false promises and feel lost about the next steps to take, she’s here to support you. With her strategic mindset, expertise in business growth and the psychology of selling, she’ll help you get clients through a group or mastermind, and one-on-one coaching programs.

Susan will guide you to consistent purposeful action towards business growth. She will take the overwhelm out of marketing and simplify the psychology of selling. She’ll share strategic mindset secrets on where to find and get clients that are ready to join your mastermind or one-on-one program.

Susan and her team’s business coaching and mentoring style meets you where you’re at. Their understanding of the psychology of selling provides you with a supportive, respectful method leading to predictive business growth. Susan not only shares her strategic mindset techniques, she constantly pulls back the curtain of her own business and tells the truth!

My Story

Your Business Growth Mentor

After 25-years as a psychotherapist, I pivoted to coaching and became a pioneer in the Parent Coach Industry. I mastered the psychology of selling, strategic mindset and business coaching and mentoring to help coaches get clients. After certifying hundreds of coaches, and publishing parenting manuals with PESI, I created a mastermind and my business growth soared. In 2012, I joined Christian Mickelsen and led his Sales Team through the psychology of selling helping them get clients and reach $5mm+. In 2015, I created Highly Profitable Practice, my business coaching and mentoring business for coaches and launched my mastermind sharing my strategic mindset methods.

"I had no idea how to get clients for my mastermind. Susan helped me refine the conversation with potential clients. Within one month I landed 6 new clients ($11,000!)."

Lynda Goldman | Author Coach

"If you’re looking for a coach that is creative, supportive and works to make your vision a reality, that’s Susan... I was excited because I was never a 6-figure coach before!”

Celia Kibler | Parent Coach

“Susan will motivate and inspire you and provide a blueprint for you to follow. If you are ready to step out of your self-perceived limitations, I highly recommend Susan."

Natasha Evans | Development Coach

What I Do

Group Design and The Psychology of Selling

Receive personalized strategic mindset on how to create and fill your coaching group, while making an impact and setting yourself up for long-term business growth. Susan specializes in the psychology of selling to help you get clients. With her business coaching and mentoring, transform fear into calm confidence, allowing your ideal leads to practically sign themselves up.

How We Work

  • Set you up with a strategic mindset
  • Design a plan that gives you sustainable results
  • Leverage your leadership skills 
  • Maximize your business growth
  • Give you more time to do the things you love

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