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Expert Masterclasses

Masterclass Topics

Susan hosts several masterclasses per year with two key areas of focus. 1) The Creation and Filling of Groups and Masterminds and 2) The Psychology of Selling to increase your enrollment conversion rates. By mastering these two areas, you will set yourself up for sustainable business growth. Groups can provide you with a stable monthly income. Plus, getting clear on strategic mindset so you know how to make the right offer to the right lead is key.

Deciding If This Is Right For You

If you’re a coach who’s tired of relying on hustle to get clients, then these masterclasses may be the most important events on your calendar this year. 

When you attend these trainings, you will experience business coaching and mentoring first hand from Susan. She’ll show you how to create a real, sustainable business that doesn’t require every possible working hour to ensure your business growth. You can get clients without trading time for money.

What You’ll Discover

Susan’s masterclasses focus on creating groups and the psychology of selling coaching. 

Her group and mastermind coaching model works because it’s simple, easy to offer, and solves your clients’ biggest challenges for a lot less than the price tag of a one-on-one coach. Once you adapt this model and master your enrollment conversations, you will consistently bring in recurring monthly income and get clients who are happy to pay you what you’re worth.

Your Next Steps

Register and attend Susan’s hands-on workshop style masterclasses to get business coaching and mentoring. They are designed to take your business growth to the next level while leveraging your time most effectively. It will get you into action and implementation right away so you can get clients. These trainings cut through the noise and set you up with a strategic mindset and plan that gives you sustainable results. No sugar water here, just truth.

Working with Susan 1:1

Personal Mentoring

The Mentoring Process

Susan and her team provide business coaching and mentoring to coaches and therapists. You and your dedicated coach will meet individually to create your unique dream business that sets you apart from others in the industry. Your coach will mentor, direct and hold your hand through the process of scaling your business. You’ll be introduced to a whole new take on your strategic mindset, the psychology of selling and maximize your business growth.

Deciding If This Is Right For You

Our business coaching and mentoring programs are for established coaches with real expertise who know their niche. If you know you want to expand your impact and grow a strong, wide-reaching reputation in your industry while also leveraging your time, and aren’t sure how to get there, we can help you. If you struggle with imposter syndrome and it’s getting in your way of your business growth, but you are ready to work through it, this is for you.

What You’ll Discover

You’ll work directly with Susan or one of her successful, expertly trained coaches to unlock your potential to grow and scale your coaching business. With your coach, you will have a partner to help you uncover all your past successes and leverage your leadership skills to maximize your business growth. Investing in your coaching business will lead to more ideal clients, greater impact and more time to do the things you enjoy with those you love.

Your Next Steps

Where will you be this time next year? Will you be stuck at the same level you’re at now? Or will you get off the endless treadmill of chasing steady income? What could happen if you do something different. How many more lives could you impact? What kind of lifestyle could you achieve? Today could be the day you recognize as the pivotal moment when you took action to finally enjoy what a coaching business is meant to give you. The choice is yours.

Work with Experts

Mastermind Coaching

The Mastermind Process

In this group program, Susan expertly facilitates and hot seat coaches the Powerful Experts Mastermind community. You will gain momentum and accountability while also building relationships with other smart, driven coaches like you. Susan combines the psychology of selling and strategic mindset to keep you moving forward. You also will get access to the Ask The VA call with Susan’s personal Virtual Assistant for all your system and tech questions.

Deciding If This Is Right For You

If you’ve been successful in business and life before, but feel like building a coaching business online is a bit of a mystery, and you’ve been searching for ‘the’ program that’s going to finally get you ahead and solve all your problems, we can help you. If you’ve burned before, felt misunderstood and confused about what direction to take, then maybe it’s time to join a community who understands you, has your back and cares about your successes.

What You’ll Discover

Receive business coaching and mentoring on creating coaching programs that serve your clients in the highest possible way. Get your coaching niche refined, expand your visibility, identify your prospects, adapt the psychology of selling and strategic mindset and access sales scripts and templates to get clients now. During the interactive exercises in the mastermind, you’ll brainstorm with coaches all over the world who have a variety of expertise.

Your Next Steps

If you are thinking “I’ll do it myself and piece together what I’ve already bought”, DON’T! Years ago, I felt like that was my only option because I had a lot more time than money. I ended up wasting time, resources, and put off earning money searching for answers that I didn’t know the questions to. Let me usher you through the backstage of my business where I will reveal EVERYTHING about how I created a highly profitable practice. The door is open.

“I have exciting news. I filled my pilot program - with 10 Powerful Women Entrepreneurs within 3 weeks since I started working with Susan. Big hugs and thanks to Susan.”

Neelam Rai | Leadership & Intuition

“When I joined Susan's mastermind, I didn't have a viable business, 2 weeks later I started my group program with 10 clients, I had recurring income. I had a real business.”

Kathryn Jones | Parent Coach

“I have closed 100% of the prospects I’ve spoken to, added five people to my group and signed one individual client. That’s $12,285 in new income in 10 days. Talk about ROI.”

Wendy Perrotti | Life Coach

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